International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, Michigan (May 3-6, 2001)

Session 456: Dress and Textiles I: Representing Royalty

  • The Politics of Clothing: Early Sixteenth-Century Queenly Dress
    Elizabeth McMahon, Fashion Institute of Technology, New York (USA)
  • Changing Clothes: What the Royals Are Wearing in Twelfth-Century French Romance
    Monica L. Wright, Washington University, St. Louis, MO (USA)
  • Presenting Royalty: The Political Significance of Cloths of Honor in French and Flemish Art of the Turn of the Fifteenth Century
    Donna M. Cottrell, Shaker Heights, OH (USA)

Session 509: Dress and Textiles II: Medieval Manuals on Fabric Care and Decoration

  • Getting the "Big Picture": The Wider Context of Instructional Manuals
    Susan Carroll-Clark, Columbus, OH (USA)
  • Cloistered Arts: A Manual on Fabric Care and Cleaning from Fifteenth-Century Nurnberg
    Drea Leed, Springfield, OH (USA)
  • Golden Bands: A Tablet-Weaving Pattern Book from Early Sixteenth-Century Nurnberg
    Nancy Spies, Jarrettsville, MD (USA)

Session 551: Dress and Textiles III: Using Archaeological Sources

  • What's the "Madder" with This Picture? The Greenland Norse Garments and Some Difficulties in Relying on Preserved Artifacts
    M. A. (Shelly) Nordtorp-Madson, University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, MN (USA)
  • The Greenland Gored Gown: A Comparison with Clothing Construction on the Continent
    Robin Netherton, St. Louis, MO (USA)
  • Shoes from Greenland: A Comparison with Shoes and Shoemaking on the Continent
    Marc Carlson, University of Tulsa, OK (USA)
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