International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, Michigan (May 6-9, 1999)

Session 79: Dress and Textiles I: Art and Reality

  • The Use of Textiles in Religious Ritual: Sacred "Cloth" in the Armenian Rite
    Marlene Breu, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, and Ronald Marchese, University of Minnesota-Duluth (USA)
  • Why Valerie Wears Polka Dots: The Limitation of Medium on Twelfth-Century Enamels
    Marcia Schlemm, Kansas City, MO (USA)
  • "With Tars and with Tafeta:" The Symbolic Use of Fabric and Dress in Six Middle English Alliterative Poems
    Patricia A. Price, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, Minneapolis (USA)

Session 125: Dress and Textiles II: Practical Considerations

  • Medieval Knitting in the Islamic World and Spain
    Anne Reaves, Marian College, Indianapolis IN (USA)
  • Lower-Class Flemish Women's Dress of the Later Sixteenth Century
    Drea Leed, Springfield, OH (USA)
  • The Fifteenth-Century V-Neck Gown
    Robin Netherton, Annandale, VA (USA)
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