International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, Michigan (May 7-10, 1998)

Session 255: Textiles and Dress I: Physical Needs, Physical Comforts

  • To Die; To Sleep: The Bed in the Grave in Anglo-Saxon England
    John Hines, University of Wales, Cardiff (UK)
  • Cushioning Medieval Life
    Elizabeth Coatsworth, Manchester Metropolitan University (UK)
  • What the Men Saw: Physical Aspects of Women's Costume as Described in the Literature of England, 1250-1350
    Traci Austin Straatmann, University of Nebraska at Lincoln (USA)

Session 303: Textiles and Dress II: Physical Needs, Physical Comforts

  • New Clothes for a Bog Man
    Lois Swales, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY (USA)
  • Clothing and a Thirteenth Century Household: A Practical Approach
    Susan Carroll-Clark, University of Toronto (CANADA)
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