How to Contact DISTAFF

Most members of the DISTAFF network have attended DISTAFF events at Kalamazoo or Leeds and placed their names on our mailing list at that time. However, anyone interested in DISTAFF may sign up to receive e-mail announcements of Calls for Papers, planned sessions, and publications. (This is not a discussion list.) To receive announcements, e-mail Robin Netherton.

DISTAFF welcomes paper proposals for future conferences. Many of our sessions are filled a year or more in advance, so we advise anyone who is considering submitting a proposal to e-mail Robin Netherton (for Kalamazoo) or Gale Owen-Crocker (for Leeds) to discuss ideas as far ahead of time as possible. Pre-proposals received by May 1 of each year will be considered in our planning of session topics for the following year's conferences.

For any other questions on DISTAFF, email Robin Netherton.
Robin Netherton or write:
Robin Netherton
715 Aramis Drive
St. Louis, MO 63141

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