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Historic Knitting

The Early Knitting History Group, founded by the late Montse Stanley, is making a fresh start under the direction of Kirstie Buckland and wants to hear from enthusiasts interested in the international, multi-period study of knitting. The group is developing a website and database and has a meeting place in London. For information, send your name and email to Kirstie Buckland.

Lexis Project

Gale Owen-Crocker and colleagues at the University of Manchester seek theinvolvement of DISTAFF members in a newly launched, five-year research program called "The Lexis of Cloth and Clothing Project," or more formally, "The Lexis of cloth and clothing in Britain c. 450-1450: origins, identification, contexts and change." The project's website will document progress in the compilation of a comprehensive, user-friendly, research database, including links to online dictionaries and illustrations of the entries with maps, pictures, surviving textiles, and art works. Work on the project is taking place concurrently at the Universities of Manchester and University of Central England, Birmingham. If you have any queries or observations or if you feel you can supply relevant material, contact Brian Schneider.

E-List for Resources

DISTAFF member Beth Matney has created an e-mail list focusing on new books, articles, conferences, and other scholarly resources in medieval/early modern clothing and textiles. The list comes in two versions: MEDTC-RESOURCES is an announcement-only list (low traffic), and MEDTC-DISCUSS includes the same announcements but also permits on-topic discussion by listmembers (higher traffic). Click the links for more information or to join either list.

Upcoming Textile Technology Collegium

Saturday, March 5th, 2011, London, England.

THe Medieval Dress and Textile Society (MEDATS) will be holding a collegium, Making it: Textile Technologies in Medieval Europe

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